How To Choose The Right Chandelier For Your Dining Room
In the purchase of chandeliers, the first thing to pay attention to is the size, we can decide the size of the chandelier according to the size of the dining room and dining table.
It is recommended that the diameter of the chandelier should not exceed half of the width of the dining table.

The height of the dining table is more common in 750mm, the lowest point of the chandelier to the surface distance of the dining table, it is recommended to ensure that 750-800mm, to prevent the time to serve food hit the light. So the lowest point of the chandelier, the distance to the ground is recommended to ensure that 1500-1600mm.

3、Color temperature
Color temperature is the color component contained in the light, the unit of measurement is Kelvin (K), the greater the value of the visual tone of the colder, the whiter the light, the closer to natural light.
In general, home furnishings throughout the house is recommended to use a uniform 3000K color temperature, and warm light is more likely to promote appetite. Or choose three color temperature variable light control lamps, according to demand at any time to adjust.

To match the lamps and lanterns according to the design style of the whole house, the more white with the method is that the modern style choose modern style lamps, Chinese selected style. If you have some personalized design pursuit, then you need to carefully select the shape and material ~ then we will slowly look down.

Specific shape
1、Distinguish by lamp head
a、Single-headed chandelier
Single-headed chandelier only one light source, can make the lighting more focused, but the light can shine to a smaller range. Suitable for round 2-4 people small dining table.

b、Multi-head chandelier
Rectangular dining table and more than 4 people round dining table, it is recommended that according to the width of the dining table, choose the diameter of the lamps and lanterns is not greater than half of the length of the dining table multi-head pendant.
Multi-headed chandelier lighting range is wider, more even light.
Generally by side-by-side multi-head and multi-level multi-head two, according to the specific preferences of the owner.

c、Combination chandelier
Combination chandeliers are usually composed of multiple chandeliers of different sizes and heights, suitable for long dining tables, large round dining tables and dining rooms with large areas.

2、Distinguish by material
a、Metal chandelier
In addition to crystal, glass chandeliers, metal chandeliers are more common lighting materials on the market, such as these years more popular lamps (Danish Tradition Pod Chandelier) colorful, soft shape.

If you like richer color levels and lighter shape can choose (Danish PH5 pendant), not only limited to metal, through the wood grain paint can also imitate wood.

b、Glass chandelier
The modern style of glass chandeliers focus on the light is transparent and not harsh. For example, the Noctambule (designed by Flos) series is made of blown glass modules, which are transparent and therefore almost non-existent during the day. When turned on, they become magnificent illumination.

Vintage, lighter styles are more keen on brass + textured glass chandeliers. When buying, you need to pay extra attention to the details of the glass material, brass material is also recommended to choose frosted or old effect, excessive gold will look cheap.

c、Crystal chandelier
Crystal chandeliers in French, light luxury and other styles will be more common, the lamps and lanterns are relatively complex, compared to glass chandeliers better texture but the same price is more expensive, the owners of ample budget can choose.

d、Fan chandelier
Fan chandeliers are a hot light type in recent years, can meet the needs of both lighting and natural ventilation, generally used in larger spaces.
And many fan chandeliers are unique and aesthetically pleasing, which can make the whole dining room space full of personality.

e, feather chandelier
More niche lighting materials such as feather lights, rich viewing levels move with the wind, soft texture, the defect is not easy to clean. Feathers make the light in the space more soft. Connected to the light source, warm and pleasant light source, translucent feathers shine down fairy air. Class such as (Denmark Vita Eos feather lamp).

f、Wooden chandelier
When choosing a wooden chandelier, the color can be consistent with the hardwood finish. Wooden chandeliers are more suitable for Scandinavian and Japanese style interior space.

g、Fabric chandelier
Metal frame with fabric can produce a more dynamic lighting modeling, such materials are representative of the (French Contact Ventes hat lamp), living room dining room.

h、Paper chandelier
Paper chandelier is suitable for Scandinavian, Japanese style and other light-colored space, such as (Japan Noguchi Isamu paper chandelier). Paper chandelier light will be softer, not on the light when the literary temperament is also full of points, but the paper chandelier will be more expensive, an inattentive easy to poke broken.