This Choice Of Chandelier To Enhance The Living Room Decoration Grade, You Know?
The living room is the focus of the entire home decoration, and whether the lighting fixtures with the appropriate, determine the overall grade of the living room decoration and visual effects, and chandeliers are the main lighting fixtures in the living room during modern home decoration. Although most common household decoration, it is not recommended to install large chandeliers in the living room, but still according to the specifics of the space and their actual requirements to decide. The following and "future home decoration network" to see the 10 sets of lighting fixtures with the right living room decoration case!

1、American style

American style decoration space, a suitable size of the chandelier can definitely improve the living room decoration grade. Most of the American style chandeliers are very elegant, mainly iron chandeliers, creating a home environment that is both beautiful and very atmospheric. If your home is also American style decoration, then be sure to pay attention to the choice of living room chandeliers.

2、Rustic / rustic style

Country style and rustic style decoration of the living room, the best also with a multi-headed chandelier to decorate, of course, or to pay attention to the size of the chandelier, unless your home is a villa, otherwise try to avoid choosing too large a volume of large chandeliers, choose this shape small and elegant chandelier can not be more appropriate.

3、European style

Many people like to install crystal chandeliers in the living room, the effect of the space does look more gorgeous, if your home is designed in the European style, then choose a suitable size of crystal chandeliers can not be more appropriate.

4、Light luxury / modern style

Light luxury style or very high modern style decoration, it is not recommended to install ceiling lights in the living room, you can consider choosing the above more atmospheric and more gorgeous chandelier, highlighting the space of a sense of seniority, enhance the living room decoration grade.

5、New Chinese style

New Chinese style decoration both retains the traditional Chinese style flavor, but also has a very high visual effect, you can choose this gold chandelier installed in the living room, simple and stylish without losing the sense of high.

6、Minimalist style

Is it true that only ceiling lights can be installed in the living room decorated in a minimalist style? The answer is of course no, such as the above two living room chandeliers with minimalist style is very suitable, simple and stylish shape and space is very coordinated.