Topoma Disc Wood Chandelier

Wood Finish: Dark
Dimensions: 8 - light
In stock


Add an eye-catching and graceful formation to your modern home with Disc Wood Chandelier. A series of thin wires descend from a rounded, wood ceiling plate and lead to a set of disc-shaped shades facing different directions. The light diffuses through the discs, lighting your home with a relaxing and inviting of warm light.



  • Disc shades and wood canopy adds modern style to your decor.
  • Integrated LED make it easy to replace.
  • Perfect for decorating living room, dining room, stairs, entryway, lobby and foyer.
  • Support hanging cables length customization.



    • Wood finish: Dark, Light
    • Light Source
    • Integrated LEDs, Replaceable
    • 4W, 2700K, warm white, 110Lumens/watt, CRI 92
    • Power Input
    • 110V-240V, 50-60Hz
    • Standard dark canopy | light canopy included
    • Standard built-in LED driver
    • Dimmable When Used With a Standard Dimmer and dimming driver (Not Included)
    • Adjustable hanging cables



    • 8 - light: Dia 15.7 in, H 47.2 in
    • 10 - light: L 24.4 in, W 7.87 in, H 47.2 in
    • 15 - light: Dia 23.6 in, H 47.2 in
    • 19 - light: Dia 31.5 in, H 47.2 in
    • 25 - light: Dia 39.3 in, H 47.2 in

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